PRODESIGN builds the “right stuff” to help you and your clients market and sell your brands – period.
Finding success in today’s marketing landscape is tougher than ever, but that shouldn’t faze you because you’ve found us. We’re a one stop shop on a mission – boost brand presence, wow customers and increase sales.

Welcome to PRODESIGN Solutions. We design it, we build it and we deliver it!


Sample boards, demo kits, hand samples, color selectors – and the list goes on.
Call them what you will, we make them all and more.
All you care about is getting the high-impact solution you need. And all we do is make that happen.
So don’t worry about names, categories and labels. Just tell us what you want to achieve.
Our experts will take it from there, and impress you every step of the way.

Architect Kits

Architect & Designer Kits

Sample Boards


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Color Selectors

Demonstration Kits


Pop & Display Solutions

POP & Display

Driven by Design - Powered by Process

This is our “not–so” secret recipe! PRODESIGN is driven by our in-house creative & design team and powered by our relentess pursuit of processes – from project management to pilot runs and client sign offs to shipping notifications, we handle every detail and fill every gap.

After experiencing the PRODESIGN difference, we’re confident you’ll agree that there’s no better sales & marketing partner to make your life easier and your business more successful.

The bottom line? You supply the essential vision, then watch as our creativity, processes and logistics deliver it into your client’s hands!