You’re a sales/marketing professional with a superior product to sell, a great story to tell — and a big obstacle to overcome.

That’s because you can’t just rely on brochures or websites to impress your customers, and get you, your brand and your product on their ever-crowded “radar screen”.

Your product needs to be touched, seen and felt throughout the customer journey. Otherwise, you risk losing a customer to the competition instead of adding a profitable one to your roster.

What’s more, your product is sold through multiple channels, and each has a different set of needs and requirements. A “one-size-fits-all” approach ironically doesn’t fit anyone.

So based on the above, your big obstacle is blocking your success – and sending your stress levels through the roof – in one, some or all of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Supplier Let Down

There’s a good chance that you’ve been let down by your current supplier – perhaps several times. Yes, they may be friendly. But when you objectively analyze the relationship, the words “dependable,” “reliable,” and “partner in our success” aren’t part of the assessment.

Scenario 2: In-House Issues

You are currently managing your sample program in-house. In theory, that may have seemed like a good idea. But in practice, what’s almost certainly happening is that your people are spending far too much of their time on this key task and no one really knows the true “total cost” of the program. All of which is undermining your production schedules and client fulfillment obligations.

Scenario 3: Too Many Requests

It’s also possible that you’re being swarmed by a unique set of requests, and simply don’t know where to start. Everyone wants their samples “RIGHT NOW” – and they expect you to flip a switch and make it happen. Is that your reality?

The Bottom Line

Simply put: At PRODESIGN, we get you. We know the obstacles you’re facing. And more importantly, we’ll help you overcome them far more efficiently and cost effectively than you may imagine. It’s what we do.